Heirlooms Family

Jesus Christ


The Author and Finisher of all things. The beginning and the end. Without which all of these things would not be possible. He is our CEO, The Shepherd over our family, the Provider,and Healer needed in our times, He is GOD. Interested to know more? Try the Gospel, or just pray and talk to Jesus.


Founding Servant 

A sheep follower of the Almighty, please see above CREATOR. I can do nothing without the help of my creator


Our extended family in (Christ and love of the Creator) from America and our prayer buddy from across the pond. We share our love for people, God and music. A fatherly figure and advisor, a brotherly friend in prayer and fellowship. A fellow guitar addict who understands the challenges of acquisition. But, that’s what we do……

Quiet, young(est), technology savvy, basically everything above dudes are NOT (except love for the Creator) trained in multiple design disciplines, head and shoulders above his peers, and running his own design outfit...always meeting his targets and ALWAYS with a smile, no less...Trouble-shooter with a smile

Michael Chia


IT/System administrator/Whizz Kid

Erich Zeichner

International Advisor and Representative

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