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Our shop is located in a cosy neighborhood with easy access and ample parking spaces for our clientel. Loading and unloading of any guitars or goods can be done right in front of the shop.


Our custom design shop is created to give the customer the very best acoustic and musical experience. Using the latest technology for our lighting system, A mixture of LED Lightings is used throughout the store to avoid any light damage to the nitro finishes on many of the guitars and creating a warm  ambience.


The rooms are atmospherically & humidity controlled, and the ceilings are overlaid with additional European grade waterproofing and sound proofing materials to dampen noise and create a fully insulated space.


The interior space is designed specifically to provide comfortable private spaces for customer demo’s of instruments of interest. For optimum acoustics, our walls are paneled with solid 18mm Tasmanian Oak. This exclusive wood has been used by luthiers in making some of the finest musical instruments. The shop's floorings are finished with 100% wool designer carpeting to absorb echo.


A dedicated recording studio with acoustically set up doors and windows is on hand. This is also where we conduct our numerous recordings of guitars for promotions and sales.

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