Story of our logo

Heirlooms Music or HM logo is done in the style of calligraphy to represent my family's heritage. 


The logo drawn in the digital style of a freestyle calligraphy is an abstract character representation of "Yang" 杨 or 木易 which is my family surname. But, it also shows my true lineage with Christ and being heirs of The promise that Jesus made to Abraham.


The symbol of the Holy Trinity can be seen with the three crosses and a hill. With Jesus being the largest cross and leading the rest on Calvary. The 人 beneath the 木 also refers to a Jesus being the Son of Man whom He is often referred to in the Gospels, before His ascension.The number 3  can also be seen on the body of the rest of the character likewise.


As for the strokes and shapes identifiable to a luthier or builder of guitars, the cross braces which is largely attributed to the advancement of acoustic guitar building during our generation is also seen together with other structural braces in ladder patterns. 


The Chinese character 木 within the yang character also means wood. Wood is the most important component in any soundboard that makes most musical instruments, especially the guitar. The wood also represents the many different types of tonewood used in the construction of the top, back, sides and neck of the guitar, this can also be seen with the crosses or 木 that is seen in different sizes and shapes.


The other character 易 is drawn using multiple lines, and drawn in two circles that represent the upper and lower bouts of the guitar. 易 also means simple, "easy or even exchange" in Chinese. Many lines flow in many paths but all eventually lead back to the beginning with 木, which simply shows all paths found  convergence in Christ when He exchanged His life to give us everything we lack under the sun (Psalms 23) when breaking down the 易 to 日sun and 勿 nothing.


It is my undertanding, that these are basic principles which can make or break any endeavor. Given the opportunity, it's good to connect with our roots.

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