McKnight Guitars

(Heirlooms Music is the authorized distributor for this brand in Singapore)

We have been blessed with having the friendship of this divinely appointed family. Of all our luthier friends, we experience the most joy and appreciation over this fellowship to do God's business together. Every guitar creation is expertly crafted and then blessed. Bringing joy to any person that's privilege to own one of their guitars. It's no surprise that you see McKnight instruments in the hands of countless celebrities and musicians whom embraces them.


Owners, Tim and Mary of McKnight guitars are one of the most recognizable couple in the guitar world. They are a dedicated Christian family whom are truly blessed with the knowledge and heart to create some of the most amazing guitars available today. Tim is a renowned luthier whom has dedicated many years in studying and understanding the guitar and the science behind it. He is credited in conducting tests and experiments that covers most aspects of guitar building that has not been done. His love for God and people are evident as he shares this knowledge openly and generously for the good of the community of builders and musicians alike. You can be sure every instrument is expertly crafted to perfection.


Their latest flagship line of guitars known as SDG is conceived with much attention and prayer. It almost feels divinely special to hold in your hands. We have a perfect example of this special guitar at our showroom, do come down and experience an epiphany. -H.M

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