Kevin Ryan Guitars

(Heirlooms Music is the authorized distributor for this brand in Singapore)

Describing Kevin Ryan's guitars may seem easy yet daunting! As it were, I would like to call it a truly performance guitar, but more than that it's so technologically advanced. It's like comparing Ferrari to a State of the art Raptor fighter jet. Kevin being a first class engineer from the aerospace industry, designs his guitars meticulously using new innovations and methods unheard of. More importantly, this ground breaking features WORKS and is widely appreciated and at times copied within the builder's community. Peering into one of his guitars, one would liken it to looking at the performance engine of a F1 engine bay.










Amazing and yet standard features like the EO braces, Acoustic Honeycomb, UV Diamond finishes and Ryan's very own GOTOH tuners (and the lists goes on and on...) packs the very body of every guitar he creates. Breathlessly stunning to look at and even more so acoustically refined when played, this would be the very standards of a high performance guitar if there's ever such a thing. We are overjoyed to have two priced pieces of Kevin's masterpiece available at our Heirlooms shop now. Personally, I like to call it the Ferraris of boutique builds, those iconic fluted arm bevel certainly looks the part of those angry side vents of those Italian can almost see smoke coming through.- H.M

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