John Kinnaird

(Heirlooms Music is the authorized distributor for this brand in Singapore)

The Kinnaird brothers have been sharing the passion to built guitars for about four decade now! And that's a long time to be dedicated to a craft. Getting into the scheme of things as a guitar builder is like joining a fellowship of sorts for most. But, having two renowned and established luthiers within a family is rare. They may have many things in common, such as their love for music, people and even sharing a website. But indeed as builders they are each known for their unique gift of bringing their instruments alive in their own ways. And rightfully so, for they operate their own workshop and resides far away for each other. Stephen is based in Texas and John in North Carolina. So how are they as luthiers you may ask, well you would hear nothing but really good things about these two brothers guitars. In fact so good, that you hardly see any of them available for purchase. If Phileo is brotherly love then surely these brothers know a thing or two about the associated Agape type of love too. Which can only be described as sacrificial love for others.  Indeed, we see their commitment and sacrifice they have made to bring joy to those around them, through their every instrument they craft. H.M

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