Gibson ES330 Vintage Original 1967

Gibson’s Thinline Archtop line has been an industry favorite since its introduction with the ES-225 T in 1955. The ES-125 TD, ES-330 TD and ES-335 TD were introduced a few years later and featured a traditional archtop body but decreased the depth of the body from about 3.5″ to 1.75″. This innovation made for a more comfortable playing experience as well as decreased feedback at high stage volumes. The ES-330 was fully hollow instead of having a solid center block in the body like the ES-335. The 330 also featured Gibson’s P-90 single coil pickup instead of the humbucker. The ES-330 was offered in single pickup, double pickup, cherry finish,  sunburst finish plus an optional Bigbsy brand B7 model tremolo tailpiece. This model’s warm, bluesy tone offers golden age vintage Gibson electric tone spanning many genres from Jazz to Blues to Rock and Indie.


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