Edwinson Guitars

(Heirlooms Music is the authorized distributor for this brand in Singapore)

I am most inspired by Stephen on his endeavor to become a luthier at a ripe old age of 41. His story resonates with most late bloomers such as myself, whom dreamt of doing something else at a later stage of life, but didn't had the courage to do it. Stephen is a beacon of hope to those dreams, as not only did he do it, but he became one of the most accomplished luthiers around. He dedication to the craft meant a hard fought life to arrive to where he is at. Inspired by Ervin Somogyi's (accredited as being the Father of Modern guitar building) words of encouragement during his earlier building days and then to winning his words of approval for his current builds now. Edwinson guitars has come a long way. Indeed, Stephen builds guitar any father would be proud of, none more so than his dad we believe. Whom Stephen paid homage by naming Edwinson guitars after his father Edwin Sheriff. His honor and love for as such, sees him undoubtedly being blessed too in his own ways. His guitar creations are always in very high demand. When you have so much passion and love being pour into one thing, you can be sure these creations would be spectacular. Come on down to Heirlooms Music to discover this creation born out of love. - H.M

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