D.Purnomo Concept guitars

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When he was a kid, Daniel Purnomo was very passionate with visual art, especially in drawing, He liked to sketch cartoons characters from comic books. But the passion faded away in his teenage year as he began to pick up the guitar and fell in love with music. 


Grew up in the typical conservative family, Daniel took a path as an engineer. Nevertheless, his musical passion pulled him back into his main passion and became a professional musician. Since then he came to Singapore and took a Bachelor Art program (in music) in Lasalle, College of the Arts. 


One day, inspired by Stanley Jordan, a tapping/touch-style guitarist, he had an experiment in playing tapping on two guitars, one on his lap, they other one was lying on a table. Pretty happy with the result, he thought it would be more practical to have only one guitar that could serve as two. He then, started designing his own interpretation of "double guitar". for 2 hands tapping.


Since then his passion in visual art strangely came back. He's then been sketching many guitars.


Daniel doesn't copy any other guitar shape as his aims would always been ergonomically functional guitar with original artistic look. Inspired by daily life and his surounding environment such as: kueh lapis (an Indonesian/Malay layer cake, anchor, and any random things he could think of, he's been creating many of organic shape guitars and basses. He likes to display the natural wood grain without thick coating finishing. With this concept, his guitars will blend naturally with its environment and serve as beautiful visual art decoration too.

Available guitars

It has its name from "Frame" & "Amenity". When you see the hollow part and together with the solid part, it makes a complete guitar shape.
It's like life...in the hands of the loving Creator, your up and down will always be used for your good in the end.

Neck through: Maple, mahogany, maple.
Body: Mahogany with rosewood veneer.
Fingerboard: Rosewood.
Magnetic - John Suhr SSV set
Piezo - Graphtec acoustiphonic & MIDI set.
I was inspired by the infinite combination of creativity. It organicly flows from no end to no end. Here I interpreted the infinity symbol (8) into guitar shape.

Neck through: Maple, mahogany, maple.
Body: Mahogany with burlish exotic wood veneer.
Fingerboard: Rosewood with "d" inlay on 12th fret.
Pick-ups: John Suhr SSV set.
Machine head: Wilkinson 3+3.
Bridge: Gotoh (cosmo black) fixed bridge.
Angelo guitar
Inspired by the angel's wings. Beside for flying, they are strong for protection & embracement.

Neck through (maple, nyatoh, maple)
Body: mahogany with burl exotic wood veneer top
Fingerboard: rosewood.
Pick-ups: SSV & SSV+ John Suhr
Bridge: Gotoh GTC-102 cosmo black
Machine head: Wilkinson black

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