Connecting people through music is a big part of our business at Heirlooms.

We have build up wonderful relationships with clients, patrons and musicians who visited us as strangers and left as kindred spirits (and friends).

The love for people and music seems to always ignite a spark of shared passion amongst people, regardless of race, wealth, age or gender. There is so much more to connect through music.

Whether it is a visit from a pro-musician, an aspiring singer, a leader in the community or just a retiree learning a new skill. We have seen faces light up with joy and warming of hearts over a familiar song or two.

We Strive to create the perfect environment to foster neighbourly spirit. Bringing people of all walks of life under the umbrella of joy through such fellowship .A cup of coffee, a word of sharing, some encouragement and words of concerns is never too far off.

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