Brock Acoustic

(Heirlooms Music is the authorized distributor for this brand in Singapore)

Here we have the honor to introduce one of the hidden treasures of the guitar world to Singapore. Since 1981, Brock Johnston have been honing his skills building quality instruments, from Guitars to banjos to many discerning musicians, including famous name such as Ronnie Montrose. It was only recently when his guitars won the Editors Pick for the Ultimate High-End Acoustic Roundup in 2013 ( August issue, Guitar Player Magazine) that gave  Brock's Acoustics the recognition that it well deserved.


Come see the actual Brock's guitar that won the famous Roundup in 2013 at Heirlooms showroom. If the crafted instruments is anything like the maker, Brock guitar would exemplifies this. Brock is one of the most humble and nicest accomplished luthier that we know. His passion and understanding of the craft means every part of your guitar is worked on personally by the master, and fine tuned to perfection. If you are fortunate to get hold of one his guitars, you can be sure, you are getting a whole lot more in an instrument then what you are paying for now. Take our advise, get it while it's still affordable. - H.M

Brock Dreadnought

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