About us

Heirlooms Music is a Christian company that is working to bring people, influences, and inspiration from around the world close through music. The ongoing effort to establish an international museum of music will eventually allow us to make our knowledge and instruments available to the local musician community. It is also part of our mission to tell the story of the people involved in the process of creating music, from the artisans who create the instruments, to the musicians who articulate through them, as well as the next generation of learners. Indeed, our entire company, along with the museum project, shares the same goal: to provide a conduit for music and spiritual expression as our central endeavor.


Motto : ...all your heart, soul and mind (Mark 12:30)


We chose this phrase from the Bible to describe our main focus,  which is to bring the finest craftsmanship and service to our friends and clients in the spirit of excellence. We combine this mission with our belief in a loving Creator.

Our Story

The idea began with the recognition that the guitar is perhaps the most important musical instrument of our era. Here in Asia and especially Singapore, the youth and the musically inclined are ready to embrace music as a serious hobby and even a career choice. Everyone aspires to be the next John Mayer, Taylor Swift, etc. The guitar, is undoubtedly one of, if not the single most popular choice to aspiring musicians, for it's ease of playability, which is handy for composition, and its portability. At Heirlooms, we see fine musical instruments as an investment in talent and music and craft, and in the case of vintage guitars, especially from the Golden Era of instrument building, they can even be a smart investment which hold their value, for those who wish to invest in something of both material and intrinsic value.Ultimately, it is our hope and mission to bring people together through music.

Heirlooms Music sources the finest selection of handmade boutique guitars from renowned luthiers like Ervin Somogyi, Jeffrey Yong and the likes. We also carry the creations of the next generation of luthier heroes whom we believe are producing the finest quality builds at the best cost per value. We work closely with our family of luthiers to pass on this value to our customers.


Here at Heirlooms Music, our vision to establish a museum of music in Singapore, is an on-going effort which we hope to realize, in order to educate, share, preserve and inspire a new generation of people who are eager to learn more about the roots and story of music exemplified by the guitar. This vision will be reflected in some of our displays and vintage offerings.

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